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Apr 2015 05

ReDeYe joins The Late Game to discuss all things SC2 including IEM Katowice, MKP Match Fixing Accusations, Winter ViewBots and his time at ESL.

Joining ReDeYe on The Late Game is Richard Lewis, Fenner, Lycan and Destiny.

For more of The Late Game episodes, including parts 2 and 3 of Ep.20, go to LycanGTV.

Mar 2015 26

At IEM Katowice 2015, Paul gets put in the HeatSeat to answer those all important questions every fan has ever wanted to know. Vital questions include Paul’s first kiss and his most embarrassing music purchase. Everyone loved The Wombles at some point, right?

IEM World Championships 2015
Mar 2015 10

The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship is upon us and the final stop of the season is once again in Katowice. The tournament will take place from the 12th to the 15th of March in the Spodek arena.

If you didn’t manage to watch any of the qualifiers, you might not know that all 16 players that qualified for the ro16 are some of the best Korean players to grace the sc2 scene. There will be some foreigners at the event providing insider analysis such as, everyone’s favourite Norwegian player, Snute.

If you’ve missed seeing your favourite casters since WCS (I know a week or two is a long time to go without them), then the wait is over as ReDeYe will be joined by an all star cast of fan favourites:

• Shaun “Apollo” Clark
• James “Kaelaris” Carrol
• Leigh “Maynarde” Mandalov
• Yoan “ToD” Merlo

Joining them at the analysis desk and adding some pro player credentials are:

• Geoff “INcontrol” Robinson
• Kevin “Rotterdam” van der Kooi
• Jens “Snute” Aasgaard
• Dan “Frodan” Chou

Joining ReDeYe during interviews will be the incredible Susie “LilSusie” Kim providing Korean translations and Observing the games with his lightening speed reactions will be Alexandre “FunKa” Verrier.

The ro16 promises to be action packed with first class players such as Flash, Life and Innovation leading the Korean ranks. With such a huge array of talent, who will lay claim to a chunk of that $116,707 prize pool and the number one spot?

There is still time to create your own Fantasy League team for the championship. Do you think you have the edge to trump Apollo’s team or are you following in the footsteps of the Artosis curse?

All of the details and where to purchase tickets can be found on the official IEM website.

To watch the action live or catch up with the vods, go to the ESL twitch channel.

WCS Premier League 2015
Feb 2015 15

The WCS Premier League is upon us once again and ReDeYe will be in the ESL studios in Cologne to host groups C-F between February the 19th and 22nd. If you haven’t kept up to date with the announcements for WCS this year then you might have missed the changes to the points and residency system . The changes have already caused some upset as fan favourites such as Scarlett and Harstem failed to qualify for Premier whilst Naniwa, the marmite of the Starcraft pro scene ( you either love him or hate him), returned in style to make it through to the ro32.

With Na and EU players competing in the same league, a new clash of titans has begun. Covering the first group matches in the Burbank ESL studio February 14th -15th and February 27th –28th is the loveable duo, Kevin “RotterdaM” van der Kooi and Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant.

Joining Paul in the Cologne ESL studio to keep the British esport passion alive is Shaun “Apollo” Clark and James “Kaelaris” Carrol. With this terrible trio bringing the very best in casting, hosting and more than likely a few terrible jokes, the group stages of WCS Premier League 2015 look better than ever.

If you missed Group A’s matches yesterday or wish to watch the groups live, you can find all the vods and live action at the WCS twitch channel.

Now is the perfect time to set up your Starcraft ESL Fantasy team for the ro32 to immerse yourself in the action and cheer on your favourite players. The groups for Premier League this season are tough so choose wisely; only one person can claim the number one spot.

For more information about the brackets or how to buy tickets for the group stages, check out the ESL website.

IEM Taipei
Jan 2015 28

IEM Taipei0

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The Starcraft 2 season is already underway with some surprising qualifiers for challenger. Now the first IEM of the year kicks off in Taipei with a range of fan favorites such as Snute, Hyun and Jjakji battling it out for one of the ro16 spots and a chance at the finals. The tournament will be held in Taipei on the 28th January to the 1st of February.

ReDeYe will be hosting the event alongside some of ESL’s finest commentators, James “Kaelaris” Carrol and Shaun “Apollo” Clark. Joining them will be IEM and SC2 regulars, Yoan “ToD” Merlo and Leigh “Maynarde” Mandalov.

Hosting and translating the event to give us the very best interviews with the players is the very talented Susie “lilsusie” Kim, whilst Yi “Legend” Seong Jeon will be making sure we don’t miss any of the action as the observer for the event.

With WCS points on the line, who will claim the top spot at IEM Taipei?

If you have missed any of the opening matches, the vods for day one are up on the ESL twitch stream.

For more information on the schedule or brackets, check out the IEM website.

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